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New Jersey’s Only Specialized Care Facility for People Living with AIDS

Care for the Body, Mind & Spirit

Broadway House for Continuing Care is where the healing begins. Since opening our doors in 1995, our facility in Newark, New Jersey has been home to hundreds of men and women living with HIV/AIDS.

Our award-winning approach to HIV/AIDS care is designed to combat the disease, sharpen the mind, and heal the spirit. Empowering our residents with the tools they need to rejoin their community stronger and more independent.

Everyone deserves to live a life of dignity and respect. For people living with HIV/AIDS, that life begins at Broadway House.

A World-Class Team, Working Together

Our clinical staff is comprised of the most experienced and knowledgeable HIV/AIDS caregivers in New Jersey. Together, we consistently deliver impressive outcomes, meeting the complex needs of our diverse resident population.

Broadway House employs a team of healthcare providers, social workers, therapists and counselors. Together, they provide a range of social, behavioral, educational and psychological therapies designed to treat the whole person, not just the disease.

Broadway House News

Medical & Nursing Services

Our clinical staff is made up of the most experienced, knowledgeable and compassionate HIV/AIDS Physicians and Nurses in New Jersey.

Social Services

Broadway House’s Department of Social Services ensures residents have the tools they need to live a life of dignity and respect as residents and private citizens.

Behavioral Health Services

Our Department of Behavioral Health plays a critical role in maintaining the psychological well-being of our residents—an absolutely essential component of living with HIV/AIDS.

Quality of Life Programs

The Broadway House Department of Activities has one goal: to make Broadway House feel like home.

Broadway House Specialty Services

Much of what we do at Broadway House goes beyond the traditional services and therapies used to treat HIV/AIDS. Our Specialty Services offers care unlike any other New Jersey facility.

New Beginnings

New Beginnings is an independent unit that offers subacute rehabilitation, therapy and healthcare services to patients who require more intensified care than found in traditional facilities.