Broadway House Residents In Their Own Words

“There is a beautiful place, staffed by beautiful people, who care for beautiful people. We are talking about a little-known miracle in Newark, NJ. It’s called Broadway House. This house is a long-term care facility for people living with HIV/AIDS. This 66-bed facility is unlike any you have ever visited. It offers excellent medical care in an environment that fosters respect between the staff and residents. There are many fun activities and trips to go on, and the food is very good. We also have the opportunity to talk to groups of children and young adults about the dangers of HIV.”
Angelo Ricco
“I deeply appreciate Broadway House, its beauty and peacefulness… I hope that my artistic acumen can somehow contribute to the success of this organization. Broadway House is a Greek Temple to health, an Egyptian monument to Osirus, and really classical great! Thank you.”
Lloyd W. Gold
“This place has taught me that living with this virus isn’t something I have to be ashamed of. I’ve been living with the virus for sixteen years and it’s brought my health back. It’s just like being at home. I would recommend it to anybody.”
Frank Monroe
“I came in at 80 pounds and now I’m 112. They’re here to help you. When I’m home, sometimes I see my medication sitting on the table, and I don’t feel like taking it. Here, they come in and give it to you every morning. And they say,”C’mon, Kathy, take your medication. And you take it. It got me in the routine of taking it every day. They get you on your feet. They got me to deal with the virus.”
Kathy Hanlon
“When I first appeared at Broadway House, things were not so clear… My mind and body had become so weak, but my spirit knew sincerely, that I would come around with gladness and awakened love, to rise from the doctors, nurses and other staff members that are here. Reminding my life to see much more clearly, the stress and disease that wants to take me down, from the gift that could bring me back around, from faith, hope and care that is not all to myself. Yet we share our faith, hope and tears that will carry us to what we must bear, for the love that clings to Broadway House, who will always be here.”
David C. Downs