Healing Through Advocacy & Education

Improved protocols and treatment for HIV/AIDS means patients are living longer, healthier lives. That’s why a huge part of our work at Broadway House is empowering residents with the information and life skills they need to thrive when they rejoin their communities.

Broadway House’s Department of Social Services team of counsellors and social workers play an integral role in our approach to HIV/AIDS care. Their mission is to ensure residents have the tools and assistance they need to live a life of dignity and respect both as residents and private citizens.

At the same time they serve as advocates, helping with everything from family communication and support, to obtaining financial assistance, to discharge planning.

Discharge Planning—Laying the Groundwork for Success

Ensuring a safe and secure discharge from Broadway House is one of the most important roles for the Broadway House Department of Social Services. As a team, their goal is to make sure every resident who leaves Broadway House has what they need to hit the ground running: A a roof over their head, clothes on their back, assistance with career placement as well as access to Federal and State entitlement programs.

The Broadway House Department of Social Services assists residents with:

  • Family Support & Intervention
  • Serve as liaison to community resources
  • Individual/Group Counseling & Support Services
  • Discharge Planning
  • Finding suitable housing and clothing for discharged residents
  • Entitlement Assistance (Social Security, Medicaid, etc.)